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Join Profit First Professionals for exclusive access to live, in-person workshops, led by top Profit First experts to help you get personalised, hands-on growth in your business, networking opportunities with other Profit First Professionals and access to a rapidly growing community who are all about putting profit first.

Laura Elkaslassy Profit Con 2017

ProfitCON 2019, New Jersey USA

September 26-29

ProfitCon largest gathering of Profit First Professional from around the globe. Spend two full days mastering methods to grow your business and networking with world-class experts and fellow members.

Learn growth strategies from the leaders of Profit First, discover solutions to tackle the challenges you’ve been facing, and walk away with top strategies that you can start implementing immediately.

Laura Elkaslassy

On-Demand Webinar

How Profit First changed my career from “just a bookkeeper” to an in-demand strategic advisor, and how you can do it too!


Join a family of Bookkeepers, Accountants and Business Coaches who are committed to helping their clients build sustainable and profitable businesses.

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