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Law of Effortlessness Podcast: The Power of Self Value

This interview explores:

  • what is your end goal in your business
  • do you want – or need – more money from your business
  • how to love money and make it work for you

Profit First Podcast: How to make your first hire

In this interview Laura and Profit First Founder Mike Michalowicz explore how to be smart and strategic when hiring staff in your small business.

Mike & Laura share great advice to make sure your next hire is done well and at the right time for your business.


Lady Boss Chats Podcast: Profit First for Women In Business

In this interview Laura explores:

  • the biggest money mistake women make in their business
  • why it is so important women in business should pay themselves first
  • the obvious question: what’s Profit First and how does it work
  • why we resist money systems
  • and, what’s the very first step women can take to move forward to a profit first ladyboss life

Artful Business Podcast: Putting Profit First & Building A Business That Gives Back

How well do you know your numbers?
How much do you prioritise PROFIT in your business?
Are you even paying yourself a decent wage?

So many of us put our customers, or work and our expenses first and foremost in our business and forget to create something that also serves us! In this Episode she shares amazing tips about money mindset, Profit First and how to start making smarter money decisions.


Legally Shalini: Crucial foundations for start-up business success

Shalini Nandan-Singh and Laura Elkaslassy discuss the crucial and critical foundations start-up business owners need to consider, but that they often overlook. Money and legals.


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