Michael Wark Accountant in Sydney· Profit First Professionals Australia

Michael Wark

Certified Profit First Professional

Company: Bean Ninjas

Role: Business Coach & Accountant

Location: Based in Sydney, but work remotely worldwide

Contact: michael@beanninjas.com


Michael is a qualified Chartered Accountant and passionate to help entrepreneurs’ level up their approach to finances and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact in the world.

This starts with bringing clear steps to better understand their numbers, empowering owners to smash their financial goals and ultimately provide the freedom they deserve.  Learn more here.

A note from Michael on how he works:

“I’m passionate to get you results and am flexible with how we connect. I am completely focused on optimizing your business and delivering you results. Coffee catch-ups, phone calls, zoom calls, and emails are all part of how we can work together. Get in touch when you are ready to level up!”


  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • SEO Agencies
  • E-Commerce Sellers
  • Web Designers