Nathan Rigney · Profit First Professionals Australia

Nathan Rigney

Profit First Professional

Company: NGR Accounting

Role: Accountant

Location: Sydney NSW



Nathan has been in the accounting and taxation industry since 2002, he is the founder of NGR Accounting, established in 2014. NGR Accounting is the leading Accounting firm in Southern Sydney, creating MASSIVE financial and personal Growth for Businesses and Individuals while having a shared mindset with their clients. They do this by partnering with their business community, having focused relationships with clients, which enables their clients to become industry leaders. The Type of services provided are: Tax compliance, preparation of financial statements, advice, and our core programs to assist clients with establishing a business, becoming a profitable business, and strategies to exit your business (and sell it for a lot of money).

The great Aussie dream is to own your home, and for many, to have your own profitable business! This doesn’t always work out though. Nathan and his team have worked with clients tirelessly on every aspect of their business growth from conception to exit, and on multiple businesses across a variety of industries – building personal wealth and assets along the way. The NGR Accounting Team work with you on strategy, gaining more knowledge, managing your finances and your compliance. We understand what your goals are and we work with you through the cycle of business to achieve your dreams.

When you’re ready to take the leap, we’re here to help you have the business you truly deserve.


  • Service Based Businesses
  • SME business owners
  • Start-up business ventures