Rebecca Gadd · Profit First Professionals Australia

Rebecca Gadd

Profit First Professional

Company: Sprout Business & Wellness Coaching

Role: Business Coach

Location: Wodonga VIC



Sprout aims to bring bright energy, buckets of positivity & a seriously infectious level of enthusiasm to its services; creating an enjoyable, uplifting & vibrant business advisory experience that all begins with you & your dream of running a successful & profitable small business.

My name is Rebecca and I’m an Advocate for the Health and Wellbeing of both Small Businesses, and the People who run them.

Sprout Business & Wellness Coaching was born from my desire to connect the dots in money management, mind management and business management for business owners in Australia.

There are three areas that you need to be on top of in your Business – Money, Management & Mindset.

Running a Small Business is about SO much more than doing something you’re passionate about every day. There is a degree of unpleasantness involved, increased responsibility, inevitable rises in stress and pressure on you as an individual – not just mentally, but also financially.

These burdens are not avoidable in business, but you can adopt strategies to make them feel less painful and have less of an impact on your mental wellbeing. You can learn to Nourish your Mind, so you can Grow and Thrive in your Business and Life.

By combining the Profit First Methodology, Financial Awareness, Business and Life Coaching concepts, Sprout is able to work towards its vision of Nourished, Connected and Thriving community of Profitable small businesses.


  • Hospitality,
  • Coaching,
  • Service-Based Businesses,
  • Start-Ups & Solopreneurs,
  • Natural Therapy & Spiritual,
  • Small Business Only,
  • Medical & Health,
  • Creative Business