Tracy Brockhoff Bookkeeper in SA · Profit First Professionals Australia

Tracy Brockhoff

Certified Profit First Professional

Company: Nourish Your Numbers

Role: Profit Guide / Bookkeeper

Location: South Australia



Tracy Brockhoff and the team at Nourish Your Numbers are passionate about helping small business owners understand their numbers, improve their cash flow and ensuring that business owners pay themselves first – without anxiety or overwhelm. With a love of challenges and commitment to learning and growth, Profit First is the foundation of Tracy’s vision for Nourish Your Numbers. Profit First enables businesses to make educated decisions around their finances, easily with a glance at their bank accounts, without trying to understand boring reports with a bunch of numbers on them.

As a Profit Guide and bookkeeper working with Xero and MYOB; Tracy helps small businesses reduce compliance and bookkeeping overwhelm. Are you busy working in your business and need to focus on what you do best? Or do you want time to recharge and look after yourself? Nourish Your Numbers is a part of your business and will educate you about your numbers so your business can grow. All too often, I’ve met people who feel intimidated by their accounts, or feel like they’ve got gaps in their knowledge. The end result is they feel stressed about financial reports or making decisions about the future of their business. Profit First is the money management system that will change all that, from day one!

We love to work with clients that:

🙌 Want to feel in control of their finances
🙌 Want to meet their obligations easily
🙌 Like to watch their profit grow
🙌 Want to pay themselves a proper wage
🙌 Know that doing their own bookkeeping isn’t the best use of their time


  • Small Businesses
  • Start Ups