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Meet Jodi Porteous from Northwest Accountancy

Craig Minter is a husband and a father, who loves to travel and loves soccer. Craig started CD Mints Consulting about 6 years ago, he decided to take a step out of a professional career to create a lifestyle for his family.

How does Profit First work with an overdraft?

Please note: The approach outlined below is applicable to the majority of businesses and industries that are currently using overdraft as a cash flow buffer. However, Farming and Agribusiness overdrafts are treated slightly differently to the approach presented in this article. Please consult with a Certified Profit First Professional for expert guidance for your industry, […]

How do I apply Profit First to my business?

So you may have read the book, or a few blogs, or attended one of our webinars… and you’re ready to give this whole Profit First thing a crack. But you’re wondering, “how do I apply Profit first to my business?” Where do you start? How do you apply Profit First to YOUR business? Firstly […]


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