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Meet Katie Marshall from Efficient Tradie

Meet Katie Marshall, her business is Efficient Tradie. She works specifically with tradies to help them with their bookkeeping to make it efficient and simple and then to work with them on their cash flow, the leading issue for tradies is poor cash flow.

Benefits of using a Certified Profit First Professional Business Coach

Do you need help only with Profit First, or does your business need some strategic guidance as well? Perhaps you are happy with your current bookkeeper and accountant, but still want to implement Profit First and need assistance in order to make that happen from someone with a business brain.  A business coach certified in […]

Benefits of working with a Certified Profit First Professional Accountant

Every business needs to use the services of an accountant in order to complete their annual taxation obligations, but accountants are more than just tax advisors. Accountants are highly trained finance professionals.  Profit First Professionals that are accountants are not only tax strategists and number gurus, they are also strategic advisors for your business.  A […]

Benefits of using a Profit First Professional Bookkeeper

Outsourcing your bookkeeping work to a bookkeeper makes financial sense and it can give you back valuable time into your day to focus on growing your business and using your skill set to serve your clients. Bookkeepers are professionals, they understand the compliance requirements of your business, ensuring that you meet your obligations and there […]


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